Our illustrious president Bill Goeswisch has proposed a suggestion some time ago about the lifeline bridge that we all know represents a strong link to safer and easier access to each section of our community as well as the community not having to go to the highway to commute.

Council would be well advised to take heed of the local community feelings on the subject and retain the bridge at all costs.

However there are some safety issues that need to be addressed :-

1…Pedestrians need to be protected from vehicular traffic as there is no facility for movement of walkers to cross the bridge without putting their lives on a limb. An ‘attachment’ of a pedestrian walkway as proposed by councillor Gerard O’Connell would be a great start to removing this  serious threat of serious injury or death .

2…The throughfare of traffic  across the bridge is a little ‘dodgy’ because of the width of the bridge being narrow and designed for earlier specifications not suitable for todays vehicular movement.

Perhaps replace the bridge with a WEIR with the road on top.


What a terrific idea.

Fresh water and more of it to irrigate and drink and feed stock.

The water at low tide in parts at the top side of the bridge is so low that the mud flats are exposed and you can just about walk across the river.

Subject to an environmental impact study it would be ideally suited to a weir crossing.

Mr president Bill Goeswisch is not just a prettyy face, he has the right idea.

The thing is how do we make it happen?

Join the Burrum Chamber of Commerce  or just be an in invited guest and do something to make it happen.

Come along to our meetings and voice your opinion and be heard.

The wier concept would have a road over it and raised to a level close to the adjacent rail crossing.

All that beautiful extra  freshwater useful for irrigation and other practical purposes where now there is salty useless sometimes muddy mess.

This can be funded if planned correctly.

What are your thoughts.?

Come to the chamber meetings and be heard

Published by Henry Sapiecha 2 nd June 2009

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