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After more than three years of “gentle reminders” the
Council has completed the restoration of the Lions Park
revetment wall and the Park was officially declared
open to the public again on Friday morning by Cr. Rolf
Light. Once again residents and visitors can enjoy this
beautiful spot. The Burrum Heads Outriggers now
have a safe launching area for their boats which is a
great asset for the outriggers and the community.
The upgrade of the Community Hall and administration
building is now complete, we greatly appreciate the
assistance of the State Government in the form of a
grant to carry out this work. Also the assistance of the
Fraser Coast Regional Council has helped enormously.
Over the last 12 months there have been many
volunteer groups who have carried out all the “little
background jobs” to make it all happen … on behalf of
the community we thank them.
The installation of the “disaster” generator is now
complete, a UHF two way radio has been installed by
Fraser Coast Regional Council so that the community is
able to maintain contact with Council’s base station in
Maryborough and with stations in Howard and
Toogoom as well as other areas. Training in the use of
this equipment will take place at a later date.
It is great news that Cr. Rolf Light will be opening an
office in Burrum Heads shortly. This will give the
community greater access to our Divisional Councillor,
– see Cr. Light’s article for details.
There will be a Community Chat on the 15th. October
from 12:00 noon to 4:00pm outside Foodworks, during
this time various Councillors will be available to “talk
with the community.” Have your concerns ready.
Remembrance Day Commemorations are being
planned with a service commencing at 10:50am at the
Community Hall with refreshments afterwards.
Approaches have been made to Main Roads to have the
100km speed limit relocated to a position past
(outwards) Orchid Drive to ensure the safety of S.E.S.
Volunteers and motorists turning into the S.E.S.
Council is undertaking a study into the possible
relocation of the pedestrian crossing in Burrum St. to
allow safe access to the walkway through the Caravan
Park. Hopefully this safety issue will be resolved soon.
Volunteers are needed to help with the BHPA
sponsored Village Christmas Party, at the moment we
have a “working committee” of one !!!
Plans are in hand but workers are necessary.!!!
……… Ron Gregson

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