So here we are at the Fraser Coast. Situated on the Bruce Highway @ Torbanlea which runs along the coast of Queensland between Brisbane in the south & Cairns in the top north of the state.

At Torbanlea it is the main route to go to Hervey Bay & Fraser Island from the highway going along the Queensland coast in Australia.


Here are two European travellers who are heading north towards Cairns after visiting Hervey Bay.

Let me introduce them to you. I met them on the Bruce Highway not far from my place where these pics were taken.

Dominique from France who is studying literature in England. She is in her early twenties & has a thirst for adventure, so she is here in the wide brown land of Oz.

Harry Wood is her travelling companion who boasts he is from England. He also is in his early twenties.

dominique cv & harry backpackers image  (2)dominique cv & harry backpackers image  (4)

dominique cv & harry backpackers image  (3)dominique cv & harry backpackers image  (6)dominique cv & harry backpackers image  (5)

We here in Australia wish them an enjoyable journey here in this land of plenty down under.

Henry Sapiecha

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The location here at Torbanlea is an ideal spot to take off to Hervey Bay & Fraser Island, or carrying on one’s adventure going north or south. Fraser coast & Fraser Island Crossroads to adventure in Queensland


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